Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to answering your questions about canals and hiring a canal boat. Whether you’re new to canal boating or a seasoned enthusiast, we’re here to provide clarity on common queries. If you don’t find the answer to you’re questions about canals or what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to our team for personalized assistance.


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How do I book?

You can book through the online system (see the blue bar above) or on mobile devices use book now on the front sliding pictures. Make sure you pick the start date and then once the start date is circled click onto the end date. You can give us a ring and we can complete everything over the phone. 01785 813982. We accept credit and debit cards, pay pal or bank transfer.

Will I like it/is it the right holiday for me and my family?

If you and your family like the great out doors or like adventures or just want to slow down, its the holiday for you.

Am I too Old, can I do it?

Am i fit and able enough? Can you take two stair steps at one time, able to move furniture around easily without help, your half way there.   With our tuition at the locks and driving the boat, it completes the picture.

Not been before, can I choose what route can i do?

Yes! with guidance. Don’t try to do to much for example The Four Counties Ring is a weeks cruise doing a minimum of 8 hours a day. Doesn’t sound a lot but it can be hard work.

Are they easy to drive, Do I need a license?

No you don’t need a license. We are part of the Hand Over Scheme and are assessed every 3 years. We are in the center of a flight of locks and are able to do lock and steering instruction when you arrive. Not sure? go back to our home page, we have put the Canal and River Trust video on there for you to watch and the boaters hand book to download.

What things do i take?

Take everything you would normally take for an English outdoor holiday. There are lots of village shops and towns on any route for provisions plus most canal side pubs do wholesome food. But I tend to empty my cupboards of cans and tinned meat so I can always make a quick meal, just in case! On certain boats I take my bread maker.

Where to we stop?

You can stop anywhere on the towing path side, the pathway where the horses walked pulling the working boats. There are exceptions i.e. where there is a private mooring notice, water points, winding holes (places to turn your boat), bad bends or bridge holes.

Are there towels?

We provide towels for overseas customer only.

Does it have to be a week?

No. We offer (subject to availability) a days taster, take a trip down to Sandon and back. Or a 3 night weekend break or 4 night mid week break.

Will the Children be safe and enjoy it?

With all activity holidays precautions must be taken. Make sure your child wears a life jacket if they are outside the boat. Don’t let them walk down the gunwales or climb onto the cabin. No running around at locks and please supervise them at all times but, let them help you to steer the boat and assist you at the locks. Go on to our home page and watch the Canal and River Trust video or download the boaters hand book. like my own children (when they were little) and my grandson now,they love boating.

Is there a table?

Yes all our boats have tables either stowed away or drop leaf.

Is there a TV ?

Yes but the signal can be difficult to find even the new digital one. Bring some DVD’s most of our boats have one. I don’t know about you, but we have lots of board games in the loft we never use anymore, give them an airing bring them with you, go back to basics. You can really get to know your family again, we rarely use the TV when we cruise.

What if we have a problem?

We are on call 24/7, you are given the emergency numbers before you leave, any problems with the boat or you need advice just call us. We much prefer you to ring than worry about something.

Can we charge the phone?

Yes, all our boats have 12v and 230v sockets.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions or need advice not covered by the above just give me a ring on 01785 813982 and we will do our best to answer you.

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