Dry Docking – Us Or DIY

Canal Boat Dry Dock – Us or DIY?

Dock 4, the open dock, and the Covered Slip, boast a rich history, believed to have been constructed during the same period as James Brindley’s work on the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Dock 4, specifically designed to accommodate the early horse-drawn boats, features shallower depths. On the other hand, Dock 1 offers deeper and double-width dimensions, suitable for chalking and servicing larger, deeper boats, including those with substantial engines. It’s presumed that Dock 1 was constructed at a later date due to its enhanced design features.

You have the option to book your boat into either Dock 4 or Dock 1 for DIY boat blacking, or leave it to our expert team to handle the blacking for you. In case new stern gear is required, rest assured as we either source it or fabricate it in our workshop. Our Open Dock is reserved for emergencies and conveniently located closer to our workshop for efficient repairs and servicing. Additionally, our well-equipped machine shop with a lathe ensures we can address a wide range of maintenance needs.

At our facilities, we accommodate both flat-bottomed and ‘v’ bottom boats, providing comprehensive dry-docking services to keep your vessel in top condition. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, trust our experienced team to meet your canal boat servicing needs.

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