Cooking On Board

Experience the joys of hedgerow picking and transforming your finds into delicious dishes.

For guidance and inspiration, check out our resource featuring helpful tips and vivid imagery to aid in identifying various plants. Simply follow the link below:

Foraging Guide

Late summer or early autumn presents ideal conditions for fruit picking. Blackberries and elderberries flourish in August and September, while apples ripen in September. If you’re craving damsons, be on the lookout in July and August.

Watermint, abundant from June to August, is perfect for brewing refreshing mint tea. Keep an eye out for horseradish, available from spring through autumn.

Hazelnuts reach their peak in August and September, offering a delightful addition to your foraging endeavours.

Surprisingly, dandelion plants are edible, presenting a unique culinary opportunity.

Uncover the wonders of nature’s bounty and elevate your cooking with hedgerow treasures.

Check before you pick

  • Never pick anything that you can’t identify
  • Be mindful not to take more than you can eat
  • Wash your plants before you eat them
  • Don’t pick anything by the roadside or close to where herbicide might be used
  • Try a small amount of the plant before you cook with it, to check your tolerance
  • Pick with care and try not to trample on other local forage

Check out these easy cook recipes

First up, something from the pantry staples I always bring with me on our canal boat holiday. I usually pack ingredients for making chili con carne: baked beans, chili beans, tinned mince and onion, tomatoes, and a packet of ready-cooked rice. Additionally, I bring along some flour so we can whip up unleavened bread with the grandkids or even a cake. All it takes is flour, water, salt, and a drop of oil to make delicious bread.

And for dessert, we have fruit crumble made from hedgerow picking. But just in case the hedgerows aren’t ready, I always have a packet of crumble and a tin of pie filling on hand. My grandchildren love getting involved in cooking on the boat and experimenting with different meals. They especially enjoy making elderflower juice using hot water, sugar, and elderberries, or even trying their hand at making coffee from dandelions. Though, I must admit, dandelion coffee isn’t exactly my favourite!

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