Pet Friendly Boating Holiday

Welcome aboard our pet-friendly boating holidays, where furry, feathered, or finned friends are all welcome companions on your journey – whether it’s your dog, cat, hamster, or even your goldfish (Nemo sails for free)! Depending on the boat of your choice, we happily accommodate up to 4 dogs per voyage, with a nominal fee of £20.00 per pet per holiday, a much more affordable option than traditional kennels.

Rest assured, cleanliness is paramount to us. Before each handover, our boats undergo a thorough cleaning regimen, ensuring they meet the highest standards of hygiene. We treat our boats with the same care and attention we would expect as renters ourselves. Meet Libby, our current lovable rogue, embodying our understanding of the significance of finding a dog-friendly boating holiday.

The tranquil canals offer the perfect backdrop for your family to explore England’s rich heritage, whether it’s the remnants of industrial prowess or the serene countryside. The towpath, once trodden by horses pulling working boats, now serves as an ideal spot for dog walking. With miles of canal banks to leisurely traverse – worry not about getting left behind, as our cruising speed never exceeds 4 mph. Below, we’ve compiled a few handy tips for your adventure:

For more information click on the below link for the canal and river trust web site.

libby 2

Our Tips for a safe stay on a Dog Friendly Holiday

  • Your dog can be unpredictable get the lead attached before you enter locks or moor up.

  • There is such a thing as a dog life jacket. with a handle on top for grabbing if he or she jumps in after the local wild life.

  • By all means let you dog explore the boat but try not to let them on to the furniture or bedding.

  • Remember to bring there bedding, leads (2), food bowls, toys, poop bags etc with you. We also ask that there flee medication is up to date.

  • There are plenty of poop bins along the canals.

  • We can provide towels for drying off in case he accidentally takes a dip, remember to ask us.

  • Don’t let your dog drink the river or canal water. Ensure that you have clean drinking water available at all times onboard and on shore when you moor up.

  • Most pubs allow dogs inside so just ask.

  • Mind the Fishermen’s lunch or bate especially if you’ve hopped off at the start of a fishing match.


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