One and Two Overnight Taster Stays

Little helpers on our day out

Little helpers on our day out

Firstly, Our canal boat holiday typically cater to short-break or weekly  experiences, boasting amenities like hot and cold water, bathrooms, central heating, and comfortable beds—a true home away from home on the water. In addition to our standard offerings, we’re excited to introduce the opportunity for canal boat taster experiences, perfect for those seeking a brief immersion into canal boat holiday life.

We now offer One or Two night canal boat taster stays, subject to availability. These canal boat holiday experiences provide a glimpse into the joys of canal boating without committing to a longer trip.

For One Night Taster Stays, immerse yourself in the canal boating experience on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Pick-up is at 3:00 p.m. with return by 10:30 a.m. the following day.

Two Night Taster Stays are available on Mondays (Monday to Wednesday) and Tuesdays (Tuesday to Thursday), allowing for a slightly extended exploration of canal life.

Please note: Taster stays can only be booked at short notice, typically within 10 days to a week before your desired date, depending on availability and weather.

For a canal boat or barge One Night Taster Stay, we recommend a journey south to Sandon—a comfortable overnight return trip to Stone. Along the route, you can enjoy an evening at the acclaimed ‘Dog and Doublet’ or make stops at Aston Marina or the Greyhound at Burston for added enjoyment.

follow the links for The Greyhound and Aston Marina

Opting for a canal boat or barge Two Night Taster Stay? Consider traveling south to The Saracens Head at Weston or heading north to ‘The Plume Of Feathers at Barlaston’. Whichever direction you choose, be sure to savour a leisurely lunch at one of these charming pubs, enhancing your canal boat or barge  experience.




Experience the joy of canal boating with our canal boat taster option. With full cooking facilities onboard, why not indulge in the pleasure of cooking aboard during your journey?

Our taster experience provides comprehensive tuition, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your canal adventure, just like any other holiday trip. Learn the ropes of boat handling and lock navigation through our expert demonstrations. We’ll guide you through our handover sheet and accompany you through your first lock, offering hands-on experience to boost your confidence between locks.

If you’re eager for more details, interested in securing a voucher, or ready to book your taster day or one-night excursion, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call—we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

                     2 PEOPLE   –  £190          
             4 PEOPLE   –  £250  
           2 PEOPLE   –   £260
            4 PEOPLE   –   £480

Please Note: a £100 ( refundable) Security Deposit is required.

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