Boat Equipment Instructions – Nearly Done

There is only much information you can take in on your arrival at the yard, so to help, We have put together some videos showing part of our handover tuition.

We use the engine create the hot water for the boat.  Its part of the cooling system and is connected by a calorifier tank similar to your home hot water tank.  If your hot water is only tepid for that morning shower  just start your engine and in about 10 – 15 minutes you will have a full tank of hot water.

Boats which can go through Froghall tunnel are  Angela, Mino, Ginette, Patricia, Alice, Agnes, Frances and Martha.  Lillian, Elinor, Olivia, Carey and Maria are unable to go through as they have either chimneys or balanced flues which make them to tall to go through.

Gas Bottles


TV Tuning

Table Assembly


Heating System



single beds to a double bed

Daily Engine Checks

Starting Stopping

Weed Hatch



Lock Paddles

Simple knot

Passing & Cruising Speed

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