Dry Docking – Us Or DIY

Dry Docking – Us or DIY?

We have 3 working Dry docks and a covered Slip.  Dock 4,  the open dock and the Covered Slip were built we think at the same time as James Brindley builting the Trent an Mersey Canal.

Dock 4 is shallower as it accomodated the horse drawn early boats.  Dock 1 is deeper and double width enabling chalking (by tipping the boats on there side to a 25 – 30 degree angle) and latterly for the deeper boats. Ones which had big engines installed. We also think, this dock and because of the design was built at a later date.

You can book your boat into either Dock 4 or Dock 1 for DIY Boat Blacking or we can do the Boat Blacking for you. New stern gear required, if we can’t get it we make it in the workshop. The Open Dock is kept for emergencies and its also closer to the workshop for all the repairs and servicing we do.  We also have a great machine shop with a laith etc.

We can dry dock flat and ‘v’ bottom boats.

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